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\name{Laurel}{Goodhart\vspace*{-4mm}} %sorry this part is a bit hacky
\title{\hspace{.2in}{Software Engineer \& Computational Linguist}}
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% content
%----- resume ---------------------------------------------------------
% Experience
\cventry{2018}{Natural Language Processing Specialist}{Woebot Labs, Inc.}{San Francisco, CA}{}{
\item Improved Natural Language Understanding in the Woebot mental health chatbot
\item Created data collection and annotation strategy
\item Trained, evaluated, and deployed language models for classification
\item Applied expertise in chatbot conversational design to existing product
\item Identified common pitfalls and suggested and implemented solutions
\item Conducted analysis of how natural language understanding issues affect retention during app onboarding
\item Assisted in creation of new chatbot authoring environment for use by non-technical users
\cventry{2015---2017}{Artificial Intelligence Engineer}{PullString, Inc. (formerly ToyTalk, Inc.)}{San Francisco, CA}{}{
\item Worked on \textit{PullString Author}, a software platform for authoring human-fidelity AI conversation
\item Designed, implemented, and improved Natural Language Processing features
\item Features included negation detection, number conversion, user and author input normalization
\item Established large-scale testing to support data-driven decision-making
\item Collaborated with technical and non-technical peers on product features
\item Expressive word/pattern matching syntax for use by non-technical users
\item Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning -based synonym and phrase suggestion
\cventry{2014}{Research Assistant}{University of Washington - CSE}{Seattle, WA}{}{
\item Created a Java training data pipeline for multi-linguistic relation extraction system, MultiR
\item Worked with large corpora:
\item Gigaword English, Spanish, and Chinese corpora: over 9 million documents
\item Freebase: currently over 2 billion facts
\item Utilized Stanford's CoreNLP package for tokenization, Named Entity Recognition, parsing, etc.
% Education
\cventry{2018}{Deep Learning Specialization}{}{Coursera}{}{
\item Self-motivated continuing education
\item 5 courses: Neural Networks and Deep Learning;
Improving Deep Neural Networks; %: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization;
Structuring Machine Learning Projects;
Convolutional Neural Networks;
Sequence Models
\cventry{2013---2014}{Professional Master of Science in Computational Linguistics}{\hfill \newline University of Washington}{Seattle, WA}{}{
\item Completed intensive, graduate-level program in 1 year
\item Focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and language modeling
\item Specific topics included Machine Translation, Information Retrieval, and Question Answering
\cventry{2009---2013}{Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics}{Portland State University}{Portland, OR}{}{
\item Minor in Computer Science
\item Honors College, undergraduate thesis: ``The Linguistics of Sentiment Analysis''
% Technical Skills
\section{Technical skills \& selected projects}
\cvitem{\textbf{ML}}{kNN, Decision Trees, Na\"{i}ve Bayes, MaxEnt, and SVM (Python)}
\cvitem{\textbf{NLP}}{HMM-based Part-of-Speech tagger, Word Sense Disambiguation system, CKY parser, tokenization, Context Free Grammars incorporating features and semantic representations}
\cvitem{\textbf{Languages}}{Python, C++, Java}
\cvitem{\textbf{Tools}}{Jupyter, FastText, TensorFlow, NLTK, spaCy, Stanford CoreNLP, Git, Mercurial, Bash, \LaTeX }
% Publications
\cvitem{2013}{Hart, Laurel ``\textbf{The Linguistics of Sentiment Analysis}'' Portland State University \textit{PDX Scholar}. 2013: \protect\httplink[]{}}
%\cvitem{2012}{Hart, Laurel, Hassan Alam and Aman Kumar, ``\textbf{Revisiting Arabic Semantic Role Labeling using SVM Kernel Methods}'' \textit{Proceedings of COLING 2012}. December, 2012: 207—14. \protect\httplink[]{}}
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