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IOSlides Plus

The goal of iosp is to extend ioslides_presentation mainly using a customized css.

The main features are:

  • easily create boxes with optional titles in the bootstrap fashion using third level headers (###)
  • adjust the width and horizontal position (offset) of boxes
  • define custom box background colours
  • specify alignment of adjacent boxes (top / middle / bottom)
  • prettier code highlighting
  • easy footer with hyperlink


You can install iosp from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Demo template

In Rstudio, create a new Rmd > From template > IOSlides Plus

The following Rmd code

## Slide with columns and boxes

IOSlides Plus extends `ioslides_presentation` and allows to easily create boxes:

### Box 1{.box-4 .bg-red}

Test 1

### Box 2{.box-6 .bg-green}

- line 1
- line 2

### Box 3{.box-6 .bg-blue}

This box has again a width of 6 col: it will be rendered in a new row.


We are able to exit the box, column and row using the keyword `%end%`.

will produce the output:

Custom colours

see example with box_colour

Box colours gallery

see example with box_colour_gallery