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sbe - Scrapbox in Electron


An unofficial Scrapbox Desktop App by Electron.



  • View and edit Scrapbox pages in tabs (not possible with PWA)


  • Paste external link with [url title] format
  • Cut, copy and paste with accelerator keys
  • Context menu for changing font size of selected text

Meta view

  • Provide Page-list that can be sorted by updated / views / linked with pagination
  • Preview page info (author, collaborators, descriptions)
  • Preview 1-hop links of current page
  • Show project activities (total pages created, total views and linked)
  • Show user's activities (pages created)


  • In-page search
  • Text box to open page by url and search with in project
  • Open external url with web browser
  • Search selected text on Google with web browser
  • Add pages to fav list
  • Open scrapbox page from web browser via url-scheme
  • Open page from browsing history
  • Copy article to clipboard as Markdown format


How to install

Download installer for each platform from Releases and execute.

  • macOS: sbe-version.dmg
  • Windows: sbe.Setup.version.exe
  • Linux: sbe-version.AppImage

How to run with Electron


Node.js v14


git clone or download zip.

cd sbe
npm install
npm start

How to run test

You need to build runtime module before running test.

npm install
npm run pack
npm test

Under proxy environment, no_proxy setting may be required.

export {no_proxy,NO_PROXY}=",localhost"

How to build exectable binary

npm install
npm run pack

Binary will be created.

  • macOS: ./dist/mac/
  • Windows: ./dis/win-unpacked/sbe.exe

How to build installer

Currently Windows and macOS only.

npm install
npm run dist

Setup modules wil be created.

  • macOS: ./dist/mac/sbe-<version>.dmg
  • Windows: ./dist/win-unpacked/sbe.Setup.<version>.exe

Open from web browser

Since sbe is registered as a client of URL Scheme, it is possible to open the corresponding page with sbe by adding prefix sbe:// to the url.

e.g. ==> sbe://

This conversion can be done by following script which executed by bookmarklet or browser extensions such as SurfingKeys.