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sbe - Scrapbox in Electron

An unofficial Scrapbox Desktop App by Electron.


  • Open page in new tab (Windows: Ctrl + click / macOS: Cmd + click)
  • Open top page in new tab
  • Duplicate current page in new tab
  • Open url with default web browser
  • Search within the page
  • Copy page url to the clipboard
  • Cut, copy and paste widh accelerator keys
  • History back / forward

How to run


Node.js v10


git clone or download zip.

$ cd sbe
$ npm install
$ npm start

if you are in proxy environment,

$ npm run proxy

How to build binary

for macOS

$ npm run package-macos

binary will be generated in ./mtwe-darwin-x64

for Windows

$ npm run package-win32

binary will be generated in ./mtwe-win32-x64

if you run binary in proxy. you have to add argument (via shortcut link) as below




Release Notes

v0.3.0 (WIP)

  • Add tab for text-base page list with pagenation.
  • Add another textbox to open page directory from url.
  • Search with in the project from textbox above.


  • Change the style of back/foroward button according to the state of webview.
  • Enable to arrange order of tabs with drag & drop.
  • Duplicates tab on double clicking in tab area.
  • Shows first image of the page as icon on the tab of the page.
  • Implove search box behavior.


First release