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Konekta web service

Geolocate health services and make them available through a mobile site.


You can quickly and easily setup a working Konektaz environment using Vagrant, VirtualBox and Fabric. This repository contains the necessary Vagrantfile and fabfile, so you need to do is install the necessary software.

Download and install VirtualBox:

You may wish to use a different provider. See the Vagrant Docs for more information.

VirtualBox Downloads

Download and install Vagrant:

Download Vagrant

Clone the repository and cd into the repo:

git clone whereiswhenis && \
cd whereiswhenis

Create and activate new virtual environment

virtualenv venv

Install fabgis

Will also install Fabric and fabtools

pip install fabgis

Start your Vagrant box:

Our Vagrant file will download an Ubuntu 12.04LTS box to your system (unless it already exists). This download will take quite some time! Once you have downloaded the box, you will not have to download it again (for any future Vagrant projects which require Ubuntu 12.04LTS)

vagrant up

After the download is complete, you will be asked which network interface you wish Vagrant to bridge to; select the one which connects your host machine to the internet.

Deploy Konektaz to Vagrant

At this point, you must have installed VirtualBox and Vagrant on your host machine. You must also have setup a virtualenvironment (called "venv") in the root dir of your Konektaz clone. In that venv, you must have installed fabgis (and fabric and fabtools). Your Vagrant instance must be running.


fab vagrant deploy

This will update the Ubuntu installation, download and install all the necessary system requirements, clone the Konektaz repo, setup the databse, setup Apache and install all venv requirements.


You should now be able to connect to your local Konektaz instance. The simplest way is to connect via apache by calling the Vagrant machine's LAN IP in your browser.