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Azure Developer Stories

Announcement 📢

Azure Developer Stories is a technical blogging contest cum learning program targeting developers. This contest is open for Indian nationals only. The goal of the initiative is to skill developers to learn new technologies on MS Learn and write technical blogs, articles or video content with demos & code samples sharing their experiences while building on Azure. The stories will help other developers across the globe to scale in building solutions on Azure.

Blogs Submitted for Azure Developer Stories 2021 📚✍️

  1. Aditya Oberoi - Fake a Phone Call from Wear OS Smartwatches using Xamarin, Azure Functions, and Twilio
  2. Ajay - AWS and Azure communication : Using Azure Functions
  3. Ajay - Sending emails from your application with easy and secure way using Azure Sendgrid service
  4. Alagappan Thiyagarajan - Building B2B Azure Logic Apps for Sending and Receiving the AS2 Messages
  5. Amal Dev - Adding Serilog to Azure Functions created using .NET 5
  6. Aman Goyal - Language Translator Using Azure Cognitive services and Flask
  7. Ambarish Ganguly - Red Wine Quality prediction using AzureML, AKS
  8. Ambarish Ganguly - Bees Health detection using Azure Custom Vision Service
  9. Amit Prajapati - Azure Function for Dynamics 365 CRM: Part 3 (Website Contact Us Integration)
  10. Amit Tomar - How to build an AI web app from scratch to translate languages & deploy it to Azure App services
  11. Amit Tyagi - Production-ready Blazor Application (Server)
  12. Ankit Sharma - How To Solve Sudoku Using Azure Form Recognizer
  13. Anshuman - Design serverless solutions with Azure Durable Functions
  14. Anuraj Parameswaran - How to create social media posts from long form content using Python
  15. Anuraj Parameswaran - How to Build an Email Sentiment Analysis Bot - Using Azure Functions
  16. Anuraj Parameswaran - Building a Social Media monitoring tool with NodeJs, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive services
  17. Arjav Dave - Azure Functions & wkhtmltopdf: Convert HTML to PDF
  18. Arjav Dave - How to Speed Up Your Website with Azure CDN
  19. Arnab Choudhuri - .Net microservice with gRPC containerised using Azure Container Registry and deployed on Azure Kubernetes Service
  20. Ashirwad Satapathi - Build a Student Feedback Analyzer with Blazor, Azure Functions, Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Cognitive Services
  21. Ashish Patel - Data Protection with Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage in .NET or .NET Core applications
  22. Ashish Raj - Certificate of Participation Generation using microservices architecture on Azure with Python
  23. Avinash - Azure Functions
  24. Babu V - Notify Teams Channel with the Issues created in GitHub using Azure Functions
  25. Balamurali Ponnuvel - Deploying ASP.NET 3.1 application to Azure
  26. Bhadresh Savani - Use AutoML in Azure for Binary Classfication an End to End Project Overview
  27. Chaitanya - Deploy Python-based Web Apps from GitHub to Azure
  28. Chiranjeevi Dasatti - How to build Android and IOS Cordova apps using Azure DevOps Pipelines
  29. Dakshita Agarwal - Build and Deploy Python Web Application
  30. Danish - Easy steps to use AZURE services in python
  31. Debasis Saha - Implement Azure Queue Using ASP.NET Core Console Application
  32. Dhinesh Sunder Ganapathi - Deploying a simple FASTAPI in Azure
  33. Divakar Kumar - Build Intelligent Outlook using Azure
  34. Hiteksha Kathiriya - Water My Plant Smart Irrigation System
  35. Jayendran Arumugam - ReadmeAloud
  36. Jayesh Sharma - Building distributed apps using Dapr, locally and on Azure
  37. Jaymin Suthar - Protect Farm from Wild Animal using Azure cognitive services Custom Vision
  38. Kaushlendu Choudhary - Convert Image Text in your Preferred Language using Azure Cognitive Services
  39. Kolappan Nathan - Moderate comments on your website using Azure Content Moderator
  40. Kritika Sagar - An AI Web App Using Flask and Azure Cognitive Services
  41. Kunal Aich - Sync Data from Azure SQL Database to Azure Database for PostgreSQL with Azure Pipelines & Python
  42. Liji Thomas - Using Opinion Mining to Build Emotionally Intelligent Apps
  43. Logesh Palani - Publish Blazor WebAssembly with PWA in Azure Static Apps using GitHub Actions Step by Step
  44. Manasa Maheswaran - Deploy PENN Stack web app In Azure Linux Virtual Machine
  45. Mandar Dharmadhikari - Serverless Event Driven Speeding Infraction Management System using Azure Event Grid, Functions and Cognitive Services
  46. Mangesh Gaherwar - Real time Dashboard using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure functions , Azure SignalR service and Blazor
  47. Manikanta A - Create REST API with Azure Function App
  48. Mayank Chaudhari - Implementing An E-commerce Solution on Azure in Just a few Hours
  49. Meet Patel - Azure IoT Application
  51. Naveen Bommidi - .Net5 Web API Managing Files Using Azure Blob Storage
  52. Naveen Bommidi - NestJS API File Operations Using Azure Blob Storage
  53. Navneet Thillaisthanam - Scratching the DevSecOps Surface
  55. Neha Singh - Azure DevOps Pipeline
  56. Peeyush Gupta - Creating a CI/CD enabled Web App with Python on Azure
  57. Pranam Bhat - Simplified Azure Storage Client in .NET Core
  58. Rahul - Tracing and Profiling a .NET Core Application on Azure Kubernetes Service with a Sidecar Contain
  59. Raja R - Capture of Web Application Logs with App Service Diagnostics Logging
  60. Rajeesh M R - Microsoft Chat Bot
  61. Rishabh Singh - AI Gaming with Azure & Python
  62. Rohit Prasad - Play with Azure AD B2C Custom Policies and .Net
  63. Sabir Piludiya - Deploy Python Flask app in Azure VM using Azure DevOps Organization Pipeline
  64. Sagnik Chattopadhyaya - Make your own Audiobook using Azure Cognitive Service
  65. Saket Sarin - How to Transcribe Speech Recordings into Text with Python
  66. Santanu Paul - Test Driven Development of Azure Functions with C# Part 1: Introduction to the application
  67. Santhosh Kumar Dhanasekaran - Trigger Based Leukemia Classifier on Azure Cloud — Prediction and Reporting
  68. Shagun Rathore - How to create multiple output bindings in Azure Functions using — .NET
  69. Shaiju Thomas - Build A Fitness Machine Learning API and Deploy to Azure using GitHub Actions CI/CD
  70. Shanmukh Kiran - Cost-Effective Multi-Channel Notification System | Easy to Implement | Azure Best Practices
  71. Sharvari Raut - Create Pipeline To Build & Deploy Python Web Application To Azure
  72. Shashank Kawle - Creating intelligent functions with Azure Functions & Cognitive Services
  73. Shashanka - Azure synapse analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Sql pools
  74. Shatakshi Pachori - Basic regression analysis using python in Azure
  75. Shivappa Sangapur - Deploy Containerized Web App to Microsoft Azure | Upload/Download files of Azure Storage Account
  76. Shruti Chaturvedi - AzureML: A Painless Solution for Developing ML Apps on Cloud
  77. Shubhendu Shubham - Anyone can build: node.js+ Cosmos DB in Azure
  78. Smriti Jha - Perform Spell Check and Analyze Conversational Flair for Language Learners through Azure Services
  79. Suman PS - Income,Expense Tracker using Azure SQL Database and App Service
  80. Sumanth Polisetty - Azure AppService and dotnetcore
  81. Swati - Azure Machine Learning service
  82. Tauseef Malik - Logging with log-levels and to different sink targets in Azure Functions
  84. Tushar Bhadak - Image detection using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning workspace.
  85. Usha Rengaraju - Solving the WiDS Datathon Challenge using Azure Automated ML and Azure Data Studio
  86. Varun - Developing Solutions Locally Using Azure CosmosDB In .NET Core
  87. Veerendra Annigere - How To Read The App Settings From Azure In .Net Core
  88. Vidyesh - Migrate .NET Core API to Azure Functions
  89. Vipin Tyagi - Low Level Design for Conversational AI
  91. Vivek Raja - Literature Text Translation & Audio Synthesis using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Access these awesome learning resources that will help you get upskilled

Category: Python on Azure

Sample Blogs

  1. Daily News Report with Bing News Search and Twilio SMS
  2. Control holiday lights with Python, Azure IoT and Power Apps
  3. Building a Serverless IoT Solution with Python Azure Functions and SignalR
  4. Creating an image recognition solution with Azure IoT Edge and Azure Cognitive Services
  5. The Python Community is Stronger Together
  6. Working with Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code
  7. Translating text with just a few lines of code using Azure Cognitive Services

Sample Videos

  1. Episode 145 – Cecil Phillip: Getting Started with Python
  2. Episode 9: Leveling Up Your Python Literacy and Finding Python Projects to Study

Category: NodeJS on Azure

Sample Blogs

  1. Implement a Serverless JavaScript Node.js Function with an Azure Storage Cache
  2. Create and Test a JavaScript Node.js Serverless Function on Azure
  3. Node.js + AKS on Azure DevOps
  4. How you can learn Closures in JavaScript and understand when to use them
  5. How you can build your own web framework for Node.js
  6. Type checking your JavaScript with VS Code - the superpowers you didn't know you had
  7. Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript app with Azure Static Web Apps
  8. How I Built a Resume API with JavaScript and Azure Functions
  9. 5 things that might surprise a JavaScript beginner/ OO Developer

Sample Videos

  1. Beginner’s Series to JavaScript
  2. Beginner’s Series to: Node.js
  3. Typescript, React, and GraphQL
  4. Deploy a Gatsby Static Site with Azure and GitHub Actions

Category: .Net on Azure

Sample Blogs

  1. .Net Learn Sessions
  2. Explore Blogs that will help you build your apps

Visit official website for more details about Azure Developer Stories and submit your blog here

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