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Minimalistic Kong performance testing script for local execution
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A minimalistic performance testing script, designed for local execution.

Usage <mode> [noise]

where mode is one of:

  • baseline - each service has key-auth, each consumer has a key
  • baseline_no_plugins - no plugins
  • multi_plugins - each service has key-auth, correlation-id, udp-log
  • extra_plugins - each service has key-auth, another service not used in the test has 5 other plugins configured.

All modes create 10 routes, 10 services, 100 consumers.

If you add noise as a second argument, the script will continuously add routes and plugins in the background as the test runs. This is useful for testing the impact of router and plugin iterator reconfiguration.

Test output is appended to a file called miniperf.$MODE.wrk.log.

To configure your database, use environment variables, such as:

export KONG_PG_PASSWORD=my_password

Note Running the test will reset your Kong database and re-run migrations. This is designed for running in a developer environment.


As you will quickly see from test results, running this on your local development machine produces a large variability in test results. Running it on a dedicated bare-metal box produces less variation, but it still happens. Keep that in mind when looking at results. This script is more useful to catch substantial regressions, such as over 10% variation.

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