Kotoha is useful chrome extension that help you to quote a good phrase.
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※ 日本語ドキュメントはこちら


Kotoha is useful Chrome Extension that help you to quote a good phrase!



Search by word

You can quote a phrase by typing search word after /k.


Search by tag

You can quote a phrase by typing search tag (such as title or character name) after /t.


Add your favorite phrase

You can add a phrase from cherry blossoms icon.

It is very simple form which has only phrase and tag text area. Tag should be input title or character name and so on.



1. Clone from GitHub

$ git clone git@github.com:konifar/kotoha.git

2. Setup

$ cd kotoha
$ npm install
$ npm run watch

3. Load Chrome Extension

Load kotoha/build directory from chrome://extensions/ page.

4. Setup kotoha-server

If you want to run kotoha-server in your local, please clone kotoha-server. kotoha-server is Rails application.

You must switch end point to local kotoha-server.

https://github.com/konifar/kotoha/blob/master/src/js/kotoha.coffee#L1-L2 https://github.com/konifar/kotoha/blob/master/src/js/popup.coffee#L1-L2


Please feel free to submit Issue.

PullRequest are also welcome.

Or please contact from Twitter. @konifar

Awesome 3rd party tools


Title Comment
ichord/At.js Very useful auto complete javascript library.
jQuery We love jQuery。It is very useful on small project.
lttm-crx Great Chrome Extension. This project has a good build structure.
あにふれーず Animation phrase service by @kgmyshin. After provided API, I want to apply it to Kotoha!
夜桜四重奏 - ハナノウタ Kotoha is inspirated by 'Kotoha Isone', very cute character. 夜桜四重奏 -ハナノウタ- 第1話「サクラサク」
vim-kotoha Awesome vim plugin by by heavenshell.