📼 Library providing object acces to HDMI CEC devices
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Purpose of this project is to provide object API to libcec for home-assistant hdmi_cec module as primary goal and to make TCP <=> HDMI bridge to control HDMI devices over TCP network as a secondary goal.

libcec dependency [1]

libcec must be installed [2] for this module to work in direct mode. Follow the installation instructions for your environment, provided at the link. libcec installs Python 3 bindings by default as a system Python module. If you are running pyCEC in a Python virtual environment, make sure it can access the system module, by either symlinking it or using the --system-site-packages flag.

[1]💡 When using pyCEC as a network client, libcec is not needed.
[2]⚠️ Do not use pip3 install cec. This will fail. Compile libcec instead.

running server

You can run pyCEC server which will provide bridge between HDMI CEC port and TCP network by exexcuting python3 -m pycec. Server will bind to default port 9526 on all interfaces.

Then you can connect by client part of pyCEC without need of libcec or HDMI port on client's machine. Just use TcpAdapter instead of CecAdapter.

You can also connect to 9526 by NetCat and send CEC commands directly.