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A(n almost) GNU-free Linux distribution
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NOTE: This project is on hold for the time being. Since I have my own
      vision for Wyvertux (namely, reducing dependencies on Busybox),
      I am now redirecting my effort for a GNU-free Linux in Wyverkiss.
      Basically, KISS Linux with the LLVM toolchain. See for more information.

Wyvertux -- a(n almost) GNU-free Linux distribution

Wyvertux is an experimental Linux distribution that aims to completely
remove GNU utilities (if it's even possible) from the Linux build system.

This kiss-repo-compliant git repo contains these directories:
- core: essential packages for Wyvertux to run and build everything else
        from the rootfs
- extra: additional packages that might be useful to your workflow
- gnu: for packages made by the GNU project that will be needed

Wyvertux is still on very early development. Use at your own risk.
The repo structure might be changed as long as it's still on 0.0.x.
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