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Demo Website


Masteryi is a submition into the 2016 Riot Games API challenge. The aim of the project was to scan all players with champion mastery level 5 in North America, Europe and Oceania. With the collected data users could see a leaderboard of the players with the highest champion mastery, as well as how they compare to players across multiple regions.

Running Locally

  • clone repo


  • open backend folder cd backend
  • Fill example-config.js with your own credentials and rename to config.js
  • Install and run postgres
    • Mac:
    • Ubuntu:
  • Create required table as specified in table_creation.txt
  • Install npm modules npm install
  • Start server using node server dev or node server prod to launch with prod configuration (as defined in config.js)
  • Start scan using node scan dev or node scan prod


  • open frontend folder cd frontend
  • Install ember cli npm install -g ember-cli
  • Install npm modules npm install
  • Install bower components bower install
  • Serve ember app for dev using ember server --proxy http://localhost:3025
  • Build static ember app for prod using ember build --prod --output-path=../backend/dist