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Space Search

Getting Started with SpaceSearch

Many effective verification tools build on automated solvers. These tools reduce problems in an application domain (ranging from data-race detection to compiler optimization validation) to the domain of a highly optimized solver like Z3. However, this reduction is rarely formally verified in practice, leaving the end-to-end soundness of the tool in question. SpaceSearch is a library to verify such tools by means of a proof assistant.

Docker is the most reliable way to build SpaceSearch. To build SpaceSearch and all its dependencies run (running this command for the first time may take an hour):

docker build -t ss .

You can check that SpaceSearch built correctly by running an example application that solves the n-queens problem:

docker run ss ss/queens.rkt 8

Developing SpaceSearch

You can also use Docker to start a SpaceSearch development environment that has all the right dependencies setup:

docker rm -f ss; docker run --name ss --entrypoint /bin/bash -v $(pwd):/ss -ti ss

If you like the fish shell (i do) run:

docker rm -f ss; docker run --name ss --entrypoint /usr/bin/fish -v (pwd):/ss -ti ss

Running the above command starts a shell in the development environment. You can build the SpaceSearch project with:

make -C /ss examples

From another terminal, you can connect to the development environment with your local emacs installation:

emacs /docker:ss:/ss/src/coq/SpaceSearch.v

If your docker instance runs on another machine, you can connect to it with:

emacs "/ssh:user@machine|docker:ss:/ss/src/coq/SpaceSearch.v"

Make sure your emacs has ProofGeneral and docker-tramp installed, and enable-remote-dir-locals must be set.

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