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@heythisisnate heythisisnate released this Aug 12, 2019

This release brings in foundational support for some really exciting new features and connectivity options for the next generation of Konnected devices.

What's new

  • Support for cloud connectivity with AWS IoT. This is foundational for an upcoming cloud-based connectivity option that will ultimately open up possibilities for more integrations including a "hub-less" integration with Samsung SmartThings
  • Support for OTA updates. Now some software features can be updated over-the-air without having to physically re-flash the device. OTA updates will be performed via a new Konnected mobile app (for iOS and Android) coming soon.
  • Future support for MQTT. This is foundational support at the moment. Full MQTT support will be coming in a later software update.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash if rogue network device sends malformed JSON
  • Add CORS header so that the upcoming Konnected mobile app can talk to the devices

How to Update

Use the Konnected Flash Tool to flash the attached firmware and filesystem images to your device. This may be the last time you have to flash it manually thanks to the new OTA updates feature built-in!

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