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@heythisisnate heythisisnate released this Mar 25, 2020

Release 2.3.4 contains a couple of non-critical bug fixes reported by users. Thank you for reporting issues:

  1. Fixes issue with low-level trigger relays triggering on reboot (#117)
  2. Fix issue of auth_token getting temporarily lost after requesting device status.

Updates to support Konnected Cloud:

  1. Support for momentary and beep/blink repeating actuators.
  2. Failsafe re-connect in case of repeated connection failures.


You can update Over-the-Air using the new Konnected mobile app for iOS or Android.

Or, update using cURL or your favorite REST utility like ARC or Postman with the following command:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"uri":""}' http://192.168.XX:XXX:YYYYY/ota

(replace the XX and YYY in the address with the host/port of your device)

Or, you can flash the device using a computer and micro-USB cable, see:

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