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Pomodoro technique timer with a lean and usable interface.
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About the program

Tomatinho is a simple and beautiful pomodoro technique timer that runs on Emacs and is not bloated with distractive graphics or inorganic commands. Just press Enter, see time flow and do you best.

Using it

I bind it here to F12 with the following command:

(global-set-key (kbd "<f12>") 'tomatinho)

When you start Tomatinho, you automatically begin your first pomodoro. There is nothing to do at this point, except to work. You can, of course, restart the pomodoro if you get distracted, or even the whole series, but the program takes care of itself until the 25-minute mark is reached. At this point, the pause period will start, and you’ll have to press <Enter> when you done.

This cycle goes on forever.

Stick to the grid

This is another way of working with pomodoros. Ideally, we should organize our day in a grid, so we are purposefully engaged in an activity every half-hour. Example:

- [ ] 10h00 Write plugin
- [ ] 10h30 Write plugin
- [ ] 11h00 Fix devops bug 
- [ ] 11h30 Fix devops bug
- [ ] 12h00 - PAUSE
- [ ] 12h30 - PAUSE
- [ ] 13h00 Foo
- [ ] 13h30 Bar
- [ ] 14h00 Baz
-  ...

What happens if the pause at 12h30 extends to 13h03? One alternative is to start the pomodoro, anyway, and compensate for the delay. Another is to start the pomodoro at the 3-minute mark.

This may look like cheating, but often isn’t when, for example, you just resume working and forget to start a new pomodoro. It actually frees you from having to keep track of the state of affairs when things get out of control.


<Enter>Forgoes the current pomodoro or leaves a break.
S-<Enter>Deliberately pauses.
RResets the timer.
<Tab>Toggles between display modes.
qKills the buffer.
QTurns off Tomatinho.
SStick to the grid


Now, you can customize tomatinho buffer name, the faces used, and the length of a podomoro

To do so, run M-x customize-group RET tomatinho, and adjust the settings to your liking.

Some more customs might be added in the future.

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