CurvedSalsa can encrypt/decrypt files asymmetrically with Salsa20
C++ C Python


You will probably need to edit the Makefile to declare
the correct paths to the dependencies.
The following libs are needed to link CurvedSalsa:

The original curve25519 was written by D. J. Bernstein (
The portable version used here is written by Adam Langley and can be found at

The Boost C++ Libraries are a collection of open source libraries that extend
the functionality of C++ available at

The used libraries are in the public domain. The same is true for CurvedSalsa.
Konrad Miller, Karlsruhe, 2008-11-26

Other contributors
Martin Bäuml - Boost command line argument parsing

Timo Stripf - Windows port (cmake, pstdint.h, ...)
<tstripf at>