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Kontemplate WordPress - a feature-packed boilerplate skeleton for WP using Compass (SCSS) and Hybrid Core. Customized for Konscript projects.

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Developed by Konscript, powered by WordPress, based on Kontemplate.


For rapid theme development for WordPress, Kontemplate WP provides a rich boilerplate to help you get started building your own parent theme. It's works as a customizable skeleton theme that provides a rich set of default templates and a predefined structure for all theme files.

The source files can be found at


Out-of-the-box theme tools and configurations include:

  • Hybrid Core (theme development toolset that provides many useful functions and shortcuts)

  • Compass (stylesheet framework to that links blueprint and css3 utils in sass)

  • Sass/SCSS (extension to css that adds nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance and more)

  • Blueprint (css framework that, primarily, provides a solid grid-based layout)

  • Dummy WP content (various dummy content that can be imported into WP)

  • Git Ignore (.gitignore that disregard WP core files and alike for Git management)


There's a wide array of useful CMS-enabling plugins for WordPress. (Section is WIP)

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