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@konsolas konsolas released this May 14, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release


  • Topple will now compile and run successfully on linux: cmake . && make Topple
  • Compilation now takes place with cmake's default options for release builds
  • The 'x86-64' build has been replaced with a 'legacy' build which just uses GCC's default -march and -mtune settings.


  • Removed YBWC, replaced it with Lazy SMP
  • Slightly improved time management
  • Uses hash table to find a ponder move even if there is only one legal move
  • Implemented "move from hash" which allows Topple to move instantly if there is already an entry of a suitable depth in the hash table.


  • No changes

On a single thread, there is a gain of around +5 elo compared to Topple 0.5.0 in self play.
On 4 threads, the improvement seems to be around +120 elo in self play (vs Topple 0.5.0 on 4 threads), though the actual improvement is likely to be less.

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