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This plugin manages grass on a server, basically it grows grass by replacing dirt blocks with grass blocks.

This is a relatively simple plugin so I will document the important part of this plugin if you like to fork it and make something of your own.

Build system

We uses Gradle to build the project and download the needed dependences (like Konstructs API). There are plenty of resources how to use it on the web, but in it's simplest form a ./gradlew assemble should output a jar that you can use.


reference.conf is the plugins main configuration file, it will be merged with the global configuration file on start.

The layout is as follows:

konstructs {
  my/name/space/plugin-name {
    class =


Time for a little code, this is a simple example that prints out hello world on start.


import konstructs.plugin.KonstructsActor;
import konstructs.plugin.PluginConstructor;

public class MyPluginClass extends KonstructsActor {

    public MyPluginClass(ActorRef universe) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

    public static Props props(String pluginName, ActorRef universe) {
        Class currentClass = new Object() { }.getClass().getEnclosingClass();
        return Props.create(currentClass, universe);

This plugin is of course much more complex that that, for more info see the plugins source, I have documented the code quite well.