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Light stone plugin for Konstructs

Light stone is an ore that emits kuantum (the world of konstructs is ruled by kuantum rather than quantum physics) light all by itself. The amount of kuantum light it emits can be controlled by the amount of kuantum light it receives. Kuantum light can pass through all known materials, except light stone which absorbs it and can emit new light. Due to these special properties it can be used for all sorts of interesting control mechanisms. This plugin provides the following blocks:

  • Light stone ore
  • Light stone emitter
  • Light stone splitter
  • Light stone mirror
  • Light stone detector
  • Light stone lamp


Light stone ore

Light stone ore spawns in normal stone and can be extracted using any tool capable of destroying stone. It is by itself a low level light source.

Light stone emitter

A light stone emitter can be used to emit invisible kuantum light up to 32 blocks in one direction. It can be manually (tertiary action) turned on and off.

Light stone splitter

A light stone splitter can be used to split kuantum light into two orthogonal light beams.

Light stone mirror

A light stone mirror is utilizing the special properties of the light stone to emit light at a 90 degree angle or in the same direction as it was traveling. The two different states are triggered by a light signal being emitted at the face of the light stone mirror that is opposite of the face out of which the light passes at the 90 degree angle.

Light stone detector

A light stone detector transforms kuantum light emitted onto one of its side into a visible change of the physical appearance of another side.

Light stone lamp

A light stone lamp transforms kuantum light emitted onto any of its sides visible a strong visible light.


Light stone plugin for Konstructs




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