The firmware for Telldus TellStick Net
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This is the source for the firmware for TellStick Net.
The firmware must be compiled on a Linux machine.


The following software is required to build the firmware for TellStick Net.

* Hi-Tech C Pro for the PIC18 MCU Family, version 9.63PL3 or later.
  The version 9.80 seems to be incompatible with the TCP/IP stack. Use an earlier version
	until this is resolved (read more:

* CMake version 2.8.0 or later

* Git

* atftp (for automatic firmware uploading)

Prepare the source

Check out the source from the Telldus repository. We use submodules so
they must also be initialized.

  git clone
	cd tellstick-net
	git submodule init
	git submodule update

Compile the source

We recommend you do an "out of source" build. Create a folder and
initiate a cmake build cache in it.

  mkdir build
	cd build
	cmake ../firmware -DPICC18_PATH=<path to picc18> -DDEBUG=n -DDEVICE_ADDRESS=<ip address for TellStick Net>

Now build the source.

The buildscript automatically uploads the new firmware to the device after a successful build.
If you don't need the automatic upload function, pass -DDO_BOOTLOADING_OVER_TCPIP=n when initiating
the CMake cache.