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A platform independent Java client for Kontalk ( Includes connectivity to the Jabber network!

The desktop client uses your existing Kontalk account from the Android client. Instructions for exporting the key here.

FAQ: Common questions are answered here!

User Forum:


Conversation screen

Contacts screen

Software Dependencies

  • Java 8 (Java Runtime Engine)

Key Features

Connect with Kontalk...

  • Use the existing Kontalk account from your phone
  • Synchronized contact list (=XMPP roster)
  • Add new Kontalk users by phone number
  • The client automatically requests public keys for safe communication
  • Your communication with Kontalk users is encrypted by default

... and beyond:

  • Exchange text messages with any Jabber/XMPP users!
  • Add new Jabber contacts by JID
  • Tested with clients like Pidgin or Conversations

Note: private key and messages are saved unencrypted and can be read by other applications on your computer!

Implemented XEP features:

  • XEP-0184: Message receipts
  • XEP-0085: Chat state notifications
  • XEP-0191: User blocking
  • XEP-0066: File transfer over server
  • XEP-0231: Image thumbnails for attachments
  • XEP-0084: Avatar images
  • XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload
  • XEP-0012: Last activity timestamp
  • XEP-0245: The infamous and most essential "/me" command

Support us

  • If you are missing a feature or found a bug report it!

  • Help us with translations to spread Kontalk around the world!

  • Code contributions / pull requests are welcome!