That's next

@abika abika released this Oct 30, 2016

Your favourite Kontalk desktop client now with an even better user interface (again)!

Another good reason to install this release is that newer Java versions changed parts of their cryptography code and this breaks compatibility. In case you cannot connect to the server anymore don't complain but update the desktop client ;)

3.1.2 beta: What's next

@abika abika released this Oct 17, 2016 · 14 commits to release since this release

A pre-release with all the changes that have accumulated over the last months. Intended for testing and to get more opinions.

There wasn't done much testing and at least some minor issues are still present in this release. If you don't bother, test it! Otherwise wait for the next stable release.

3.1.1 - Polishing

@abika abika released this May 23, 2016 · 160 commits to release since this release

Differences to the last release include improvements mostly for avatars and various bugfixes - nothing special.

3.1 - work in progress

@abika abika released this May 5, 2016 · 215 commits to release since this release

Time for a new release: here is the current (stable) development state so nobody gets bored and to keep up with server changes. As always with some new features and bugfixes but still a lot to do...

Changes include:

  • fixing file transfer by updating to new upload service (#66)
  • more configuration options, including automatically handling authorization
  • view: basic avatar support

3.0.4 - Server certificate update

@abika abika released this Nov 16, 2015 · 594 commits to master since this release

This is an urgent quick-fix release for a new SSL server certificate for It allows a safe server connection again (see #57).

And YES, we're still working on group chat support, please be patient...)

3.0.3 - Sending files

@abika abika released this Aug 24, 2015 · 738 commits to release since this release

Again a new feature: You can send files now to other Kontalk clients! Not all file types are supported right now but sending, receiving and displaying images works just fine.


  • #52 Public keys are not requested
  • #18 feature request: send the same attachments like in Androidclient

3.0.2 - Linking with Jabber

@abika abika released this Aug 1, 2015 · 805 commits to release since this release

Here are some improvements you're maybe interested in: I spend more time on the user interface, it should look more modern now and includes more options.

One of them is the ability to manually add Kontalk contacts (by phone number) or Jabber- (aka XMPP-) user by JID. It's a small change, but together with the great work of @daniele-athome on the Tigase server this means you can now chat with your Jabber buddies!

Most changes are listed here.

As always there is still much to do and some flaws need to be fixed. Next changes include sending file attachments like the Android client does, and maybe group chat in the near future...

3.0.1 - quickfix for 3.0

@abika abika released this Jul 14, 2015 · 950 commits to release since this release

The first "stable" had problems dealing with new a key structure, reported here: #33 .

This is a fix for that.

v3.0 - First stable

@abika abika released this Jul 13, 2015 · 6 commits to release-3.0 since this release

The first version of the Kontalk Desktop client for your PC!

It should run without any major issues and the client is already in the stage of development to perform the basic task Kontalk was designed for: Easy and secure communication with your friends and acquaintances.

Thanks goes to @daniele-athome and everybody else who helped creating this!

Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go: There are still important features missing to improve your usage experience with Kontalk. To be specific: Group chat (kontalk/androidclient#179), history sharing (kontalk/androidclient#250) and some more... But we are aware of that, so stay tuned for further releases.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated, as always!

Third beta, almost done...

@abika abika released this Jul 2, 2015 · 975 commits to release since this release

Last beta release before first stable release.


  • adapt to new key structure for current Kontalk Android client v3.0.1
  • send/display chat state ("typing...")
  • send status text
  • and everything here...

Only bugfixes are included for the next 3.0 release. New features are postponed to 3.1
So plz test this version!