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Kontalk Public Network

The Kontalk Public Network (KPN) is the main Kontalk network, managed by the Kontalk devteam.

This repository contains information about the KPN, public key of all the servers, contact information and other server related public data.

Who are we

We are the founders and developers of Kontalk and we currently run one of the servers in the KPN ( Donations are welcome :-)

The network

The list of federated servers is in the Servers page. Anyone is free to link to the network, as long as you provide a server or a VPS and you have some Linux administration skills.

Why should I join your network?

Although Kontalk works in the XMPP federated network, requesting a link with the network can have some advantages and it will form an agreement that will simplify some collaboration tasks between the servers. Please refer to the Join page.

Web of Trust

The final aim of the project is to create a network managed by a community of servers, founded by volunteers, with an automatic network management system. Of course this is not an easy task, we need contributions from all of you. Even some shared thoughts can be of great help. You can join discussions on the forum.
We will soon draft a paper on this concepts and publish it here.