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Kontalk Public Network server list

Our network is still small, but we are looking for support from the community or sponsorships. Our aim is to build a network made up of several servers working together to create a distributed network which will be able to handle load balancing and failover.

Beta score

This is where most of the updates from the server software pass before being distributed to the network. It's a VPS hosted at DigitalOcean, it's owned by the Kontalk devteam and it's funded by donations. It also hosts both Kontalk websites.

Servers not strictly part of the KPN


This server replaced the Prime server for the web sites and the primary DNS server. It's a VPS hosted at DigitalOcean, owned by Daniele Ricci and funded directly by him. It currently hosts our translation portal and our forum.
This server will enter the Kontalk network when the number of users will grow enough to need it.

Retired servers


This server used to host the legacy 2.x protocol. It was a dedicated server that was dismissed right before Kontalk 3.0 entered the beta stage. It's been partly replaced by the Astra server since. Prime also hosted the web sites and the primary DNS server.
This server was owned by Daniele Ricci and was funded directly by him.


This server was kindly offered by the networking crew of the Dormitory of the Aachen university. It was managed by Malte Möller.