Example microservices event based application using state machines and RabbitMQ
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State Machines and Events Microservices Example

Example microservice application that utilize a mix of state machines and RabbitMQ to create a robust asynchronous event system with replay capabilities.

Note All examples assume you are running inside a Kontena Shell, such as the integrated Kontena Cloud web terminal. If you are running from a local command line, you can enter the shell by running:

kontena plugin install shell
kontena shell

Otherwise, you can also just prefix each command below with kontena to run outside the Kontena Shell.

To install from public stack registry

  1. Install RabbitMQ stack
  • volume create --scope instance --driver local harbur-rabbitmq-cluster-seed-data
  • volume create --scope instance --driver local harbur-rabbitmq-cluster-node-data
  • stack install kontena/harbur-rabbitmq-cluster
  1. Install the tutorial application stack
  • stack install kontena/state-machine-events