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Scanner for PlantUML files

Accepts all files with the given suffix (Default: puml, adoc).

Table 1. Configuration parameters
Name Description


Optional: suffixes of files which should be scanned. Default: puml, adoc


Represents a file containing PlantUML diagram descriptions.

Table 2. Properties
Name Description


The file path relative to the given scan start directory, e.g. '/asciidoc/plantuml.adoc'.

Table 3. Relations
Name Target label(s) Cardinality Description




PlantUML diagram descriptions contained in this file


Represents a PlantUML class diagram description.

Currently not used. (Will contain elements like packages.)


Represents a PlantUML class diagram package.

Table 4. Properties
Name Description


Fully qualified name, e.g. 'java.lang'

Table 5. Relations
Name Target label(s) Cardinality Description




References other packages this package is allowed to depend on


The following diagram shows the main building blocks of the PlantUML plugin and their interdependencies:

skinparam packageStyle rect

package de.kontext_e.jqassistant.plugin.plantuml {
    package de.kontext_e.jqassistant.plugin.plantuml.scanner {}
    package {}

de.kontext_e.jqassistant.plugin.plantuml.scanner -->

Package de.kontext_e.jqassistant.plugin.plantuml.scanner

Purpose: scans PlantUML and Asciidoc files and imports class diagram packages into the database

Table 6. Open discussion topics

Can only scan class diagrams

Maybe other diagrams will follow if needed for rules or executable architecture documentation

Does only scan packages of class diagrams and ignores classes

 Should be enough for the architecture

Uses own syntax parser and not the plantuml.jar

Mostly because the PlantUML source is a mess


Purpose: the XO data model

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