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Fontsampler Wordpress Plugin (v 0.4.13)

This plugin allows Wordpress users to embed interactive webfont previews in their websites.

How does it work?

After installing and activating the plugin the Wordpress admin can create Fontsamplers. Each Fontsampler can be embedded in any Wordpress Page or Post with a simple shortcode like so:

[fontsampler id=123]

In the place of the shortcode the plugin will render the appropriate interface for previewing and manipulating the font. Each Fontsampler instance can be fully configured:

  • Features available to the user
  • Styling and layout order
  • Fonts used in this instance

Advanced shortcode use

Aside from defining the Fontsampler settings in the admin area, you can also use the following shortcode attributes. This is mostly useful for developers using the plugin to dynamically create Fontsamplers with Wordpress' do_shortcode() method:

This will set or overwrite the Fontsampler's initial text:

[fontsampler text="Lorem ipsum"]

You can also pass in fonts dynamically (i.e. without actually defining a Fontsampler in the admin area). This Fontsampler will use the default settings.

[fontsampler fonts="{"woff":"json-encoded/path-to/fontfile.woff", "name":"Display name of the font", "initial":true},{"woff":"json-encoded/path-to/another-fontfile.woff", "name":"Display name of the other font", "initial":false}"]

Essentially the fonts attribute takes a json_encodeed array without the opening and closing brackets (since these would break the shortcode).

To use and print the shortcode in any of your templates, use it with Wordpress’ do_shortcode() function like this:

echo do_shortcode('[fontsampler id=1']);

But the real benefit of this is dynamically loading fonts based on your template data with the above fonts attribute passed to the shortcode.


More action and filter hooks are planned, but for now there is:

filter: fontsampler_enqueue_styles(false) Fontsampler styles are automatically added to any pages that have the fontsampler shortcode on them. If you executing the shortcode programatically and want the fontsampler styles to correctly load in the header, you can use this filter hook to return true (on those specific pages).

Reacting to Javascript events in your theme

If you are a developer wanting to interact with Fontsampler instances you can react to the following javascript events being triggered on the Fontsampler wrappers.

fontsampler.event.afterinit Called when all fonts are loaded and the Fontsampler is active. Params: Object event

fontsampler.event.activatefont Called when a font is activated or switched. Params: Object event

fontsampler.event.activateopentype Called when the modular dialog for opentype features is opened. Params: Object event, jQuery object $element

fontsampler.event.activatealignment Called when the alignment button is pressed Params: Object event, String "alignment" (one of: "left", "right" or "center")

fontsampler.event.activateinvert Called when the invert button is pressed Params: Object event, String "state" (one of: "positive", "negative")

fontsampler.event.activatefontpicker Callend when the font picker dropdown is activated Params: Object event, Object Selectric

fontsampler.event.activatesampletexts' Callend when the sample texts dropdown is activated Params: Object event, Object Selectric

fontsampler.event.changefontsize Called when the font size is changed (on slide end) Params: Object event, int size

fontsampler.event.changelineheight Called when the line height is changed (on slide end) Params: Object event, int line height

fontsampler.event.changeletterspacing Called when the letter spacing is changed (on slide end) Params: Object event, int letter spacing

You can listen to those events with jQuery like so:

$("body").on("fontsampler.event.afterinit", ".fontsampler-wrapper", function (event [, additional]) {
    // do something

Current status

The plugin is hosted on the Wordpress plugin directory and you can install it directly from your Wordpress admin panel. The plugin is free to use, including commercial websites. Donations are welcome and support continuous development and improvments. For improvements and suggestions, feel free to get involved by opening issues or feature requests here, or join the discussion group to hear more about the progress and development schedule.

Supporting development

You can donate to the plugin's continuous development effort via PayPal. The first effort in developing this plugin was funded via an indiegogo campaign, which is now closed. Supporters are listed (if they wish) on the plugin's about page and documentation.

Pull requests are more than welcome as well, but let me know in the issues list what you are working on.

Planned features not implemented yet

See the issues for the latest up-to-date information:

Installing preview versions

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Install directly from this repository if you wish to contribute of check out latest development features. For regular use please install via the WP plugin interface. I recommend to test the plugin on backup or local Wordpress installations, not in your website's production environment. At the very least back up your database and wp-content folder before testing the plugin. You have been warned!

  • Go to the releases tab and download the "zip" archive of the latest release
  • In your Wordpress installation in the folder wp-content/plugins extract the archive into a new folder named "fontsampler"
  • Login to your Wordpress admin
  • Go to Plugins and activate the plugin
  • You can now access the plugin options in the sidebar under ¶ Fontsampler


This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See license

Read a simplified version of what this license means

(c) 2016-2021 Johannes Neumeier