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Who is using Konva? #256

lavrton opened this issue Aug 6, 2017 · 24 comments

Who is using Konva? #256

lavrton opened this issue Aug 6, 2017 · 24 comments


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@lavrton lavrton commented Aug 6, 2017

Hello, everyone.
I am going to create a special page on the Konva website with a list of products that are using Konva.

If you are using Konva in your app, please, add a comment on this issue. Any products are welcome: private enterprise apps, startups, games, open-source projects, etc.

Also, please add this information if possible:

  1. Product description
  2. Screenshot
  3. Direct link to a product (or direct link to the page where konva is used)
  4. Stack (any other libraries you use here?)

I may not add any projects to the main list. But it will be still good to have a list here, so other people can check the demos.

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@dymio dymio commented Aug 6, 2017

Hi Anton.

  1. Website of apartment complex «Цвета Жизни» ("Colours of life") in Abakan city, Russia. This is information website for clients with interactive floor plans made with Konva.
  2. screen shot 2017-08-07 at 02 38 15
  4. Stack: Konva, jQuery in browser, Rails as backend.
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@lavrton lavrton commented Aug 8, 2017

  1. Pixteller - "Newly redesigned web app aims to make social media graphics simple".
  2. screen shot 2017-08-08 at 14 53 37
  3. The app: The page where Konva is used:
  4. React, Konva, react-konva, react-redux
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@pgrodrigues pgrodrigues commented Aug 18, 2017

  1. CSGO Board provides an interactive board for Valve's game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which allows the user to design strategies and game plans for competitive matches.
  2. image
  4. AngularJS, Konva.
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@vladimir-adtargetme vladimir-adtargetme commented Aug 23, 2017

Hi Anton

  1. Banner designer - preview of dynamic banners for RTB platform before generate sources.

screenshot from 2017-08-23 13-16-22
4. jQuery, Konva, Jcrop

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@norbertpisz norbertpisz commented Aug 23, 2017

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@slig slig commented Sep 20, 2017

  1. Online jigsaw puzzle
  2. screenshot of a jigsaw puzzle
  4. Programmed in TypeScript, using Konva and jQuery.
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@kirill3333 kirill3333 commented Oct 11, 2017

Hi, thank you for your library. My example:

  1. React component to crop avatar

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@uahic uahic commented Dec 11, 2017

I am using it for robotics navigation visualization in conjunction with angular 4 and RxJs

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@JourdanClark JourdanClark commented Jan 8, 2018


Live Demo

This is a classic game of Snake made using React and Redux!
It uses React Konva to easily interact with Canvas elements.

This was made for a 24 hour Hackathon for LambdaSchool. We tied for Best Overall - Student Vote as well as Staff Pick.

You can either use the buttons on the console or the following keys:

  • Up Arrow or W
  • Left Arrow or A
  • Down Arrow or S
  • Right Arrow or D
  • Spacebar or Enter


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@mcalus3 mcalus3 commented Jan 18, 2018

  1. I am using react-konva and konva for view layer of my game color-wars. The game is hot-seat multiplayer, arcade, with focus on competition. Konva library performed great even under excessive amount of operations :)
  2. gameplay
  4. Game is using also react, redux and is written in typescript.
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@uahic uahic commented Jan 30, 2018

@mcalus3 @JourdanClark How much effort was it to combine ReactKonva with Redux? I am also having some concepts to do the same for Angular 5 + konva + Redux and possible to replace konva at some point entirely with redux+Canvas

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@mcalus3 mcalus3 commented Jan 31, 2018

@uahic it wasn't any problem, just follow the component-container architecture. Example from my code:
Players component contains multiple PlayerVisual containers, each wrapping PlayerVisual component. No data is given through props, all is taken directly from store.

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@badlee badlee commented Sep 1, 2018

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@adyster adyster commented Oct 16, 2018

I use it on facetache!
Description: Add moustaches to photos!

screen shot 2018-10-17 at 12 25 30 am

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@SilentXYZ SilentXYZ commented Feb 4, 2019

I'm trying to make program for learning english with Angular/Konva
screenshot from 2019-02-04 16-04-25

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@bmoquist bmoquist commented May 24, 2019

Kuruko - "Create Custom Wall Art with High-Quality Mounted Photo Prints"

Konva is used:

  • Main drag-and-drop wall design editor
  • Image editor (cropping images, creating SplitPics, selecting which image to edit)

Kuruko Screenshot for Konva
Kuruko Screenshot for Konva 2

Konva-based Editor:

Stack: React, Redux, Konva, React-Konva, Semantic UI React, Express, Postgres

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@bluehymn bluehymn commented Dec 13, 2019

I use it to draw charts in my work

Angular + Konvajs




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@songoffire songoffire commented Dec 13, 2019


DESCRIPTION: A free tool that allows users to interact with Bible text on a canvas with a variety of text layout and markup tools.

  • img
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@externuz externuz commented May 20, 2020


Constructor for creating Instagram Stories as part of the scheduled posting service SMMplanner

Direct link (registration required)


React, react-konva, typescript




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@jprevo jprevo commented Jun 1, 2020

  1. Let's Role allows people from everywhere to play TableTop RPG in a virtual environment

  2. letsrole2


  4. TypeScript, InversifyJS, three.js

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@wikywin wikywin commented Jun 6, 2020

tool for designing window and door with drag and drop

Direct link
windoor craft (facebook and google account are supported)

Video demo
youtube channel

Vue, konva, typescript


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@rmdort rmdort commented Jul 23, 2020

SpreadSheet Grid

Product description

An Excel-like DataGrid component built using Konva and React. Allows users to declarative render grids, cells without sacrificing performance. Some of the popular features are

  1. Frozen Rows and Columns
  2. Custom Cell Renderers and Editors
  3. Custom formatting and Validation
  4. Formula support (coming soon)
  5. Dark Mode
  6. Custom fonts, styling
  7. Data validation
  8. Render Konva components as overlays or as cell



Direct link to a product (or direct link to the page where konva is used)

Stack (any other libraries you use here?)

  1. React
  2. React Konva
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@owendwyer owendwyer commented Aug 16, 2020

Hi, thanks so much for making Konva. It's really easy to use and suits my needs perfectly.

Online Picture Dictionary

A simple vocabulary viewer that shows images, text and plays audio.

opdome com


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@frizurd frizurd commented Nov 18, 2020

Create podcast video snippets for social media.
Use the editor to customize existing templates or create one from scratch.

Direct link (requires registration, Facebook and Google are supported)

Konva, Vue, Nuxt

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 17 59 23
screenshot app editor

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