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title: HTML5 Canvas Simple Drag Bounds Tutorial

To restrict the movement of shapes being dragged and dropped with Konva, we can use the dragBoundsFunc property which is a user defined function that overrides the drag and drop position. This function can be used to constrain the drag and drop movement in all kinds of ways, such as constraining the motion horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or radially, or even constrain the node to stay inside of a box, circle, or any other path.

Note: dragBoundsFunc is working with absolute position of a node. So it has a new absolute position as argument and you need to return a new absolute position. You can try to use dragmove event, if you want to operate with local position.

Instructions: Drag and drop the the horizontal text and observe that it can only move horizontally. Drag and drop the vertical text and observe that it can only move vertically.

{% iframe /downloads/code/drag_and_drop/Simple_Drag_Bounds.html %}

{% include_code Konva Simple Drag Bounds Demo drag_and_drop/Simple_Drag_Bounds.html %}

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