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Prerequisites for development:

  • NodeJS >= 12.13.0
  • Yarn 1.x


Copy config/ to config/ where you can configure your local development settings.

cp config/ config/

Also ensure you have yarn installed by following recommended install instructions:

Install development/build dependencies yarn

Start the development server yarn start

Run a full build yarn build

Consistent styles are enforced by ci and will gate PR merges. To check your code prior to submission, run: yarn lint

UI development server

git clone # clone the project
cd mig-ui # navigate into the project directory
yarn # install  dependencies
yarn build # build the project
yarn start # start the UI development server

yarn start will run the UI's development server in "local" dev mode. The purpose of this mode is to mock out any external dependencies like Login and the cluster api's server so the UI can be hacked on as easily as possible.

Remote dev mode

If you would like to run the console locally, but communicate with real clusters on the backend, you must first configure the remote cluster acting as the UI's host. To do this, update the clusterApi in config/ The UI will use this cluster for oauth login and effectively run as if it were served from that cluster.

Additionally, the remote scripts expect the OpenShift client tool oc to be in your PATH (available as "client tools" here). You should also have logged into the cluster you expect to use using oc login.

To start the remote cluster backed dev server, run:

yarn start:remote # start the UI development server, backed by remote cluster


Contributors please read and follow the contributing recommendations which also provides more details about the project.