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Application to showcase dynamic widget creation.


The application displays a selection of dynamic widgets that includes, Dynamic: Form, Header and Footer, Label, Button, Line, Box[HBox and VBox], ListBox Widget, TextBox Widget.

dynamicwidgets.jar is the source(jar) file for the java Services used in the DynamicWidgetsApp. If working On-Premise, copy this jar file to KonyOne-Server 'lib' folder(E.g. path [Studio installed folder]\KonyOne-Server\tomcat-6.x.x\instance1\lib. For cloud, make sure the jar is placed in the lib folder of java services and published to your cloud instance.

To run this application

  1. Download the project zip file.
  2. Unzip the project to any folder
  3. Launch Kony Visualizer Enterprise version 7.3.
  4. Import the project into Kony Visualizer Enterprise version 7.3 by selecting
  5. Import services into Mobile Fabric
  6. Build & run the app for supported platforms.

Supported platforms:


  • Android
  • iPhone


  • Android
  • iPad

**Supports Kony Studio:**6.5.x,7.x