Application to showcase the Kony native function API feature of Kony Visualizer using JobScheduler process.
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Application to showcase the Kony native function api feature of KonyVisualizer using JobScheduler process.

  • This application schedules the job to download file in background.
  • The downloading job can be configured
    • Over wi-fi or mobile data.
    • The user can schedule the task after a desired time by using delay mode, it takes number of seconds as input value. When user wants a job to be accomplished within a time limit he can select deadline mode.
    • And in idle mode or active mode.

To run this app

  1. Download the project zip file.
  2. Extract the project to any folder, zip the main project file and import into the visualizer.
  3. Launch Kony Visualizer Enterprise version 7.0.
  4. Import the project by selecting the
  5. Enable Mobile First Api's in the project setting >native >android.
  6. Build & run the app for android.

Supported platforms:


  • android

Supported Kony Visualizer Enterprise Version: 7.0