Application to showcase the Video Widget APIs
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Application to showcase the Video Widget APIs


Application to showcase the Video Widget APIs


This application will showcase the following features of the Kony Video Widget.

  • The Video Widget helps to play the video files captured using the device's camera, videos from the app resources, and from the servers/websites by streaming data within a form.
  • Using kony native API's one can access the Play, Pause and volume functionality and visibility of the video.

Limitations of video widget on iOS:

  1. The Application requires XCODE, 7.3 or greater.
  2. While building the app in XCODE, for the KRelease target , edit the scheme and ensure that the Build Configuration is set to Release.
  3. To run the app on iOS simulator do the this change. Navigate to the folder "native binding" as VMAppWithKonylib -> gen -> native binding. In the file mastersConf.conf change the value of “targetType” from “device" to “simulator". Run

To run this application:

  1. Download the project zip file.
  2. Extract the project to any folder, zip the main project file and import into the visualizer.
  3. Launch Kony Visualizer Enterprise version 7.3.
  4. Import the project by selecting the
  5. Build & run the app for android.

Supported platforms:


  • Android.
  • iPhone.