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Koodikirja is an online book for learning programming. The site is published at

The book is available only in Finnish for now, so here you have yet another reason to learn this unique language.

The whole build/runtime system can be run on the local developement machine without a database server or anything else; all content is included in this git repository. This means you can author content and code on your local machine and deploy the result onto Heroku hosting when everything is ok.

Development instructions below.


Install RVM

curl -sSL | bash -s stable
rvm install 2.6.5

In a new shell, RVM should automatically use ruby 2.6.5. Next

sudo gem install bundler


bundle install
npm install

Npm install will also run the Grunt build (compiles the less stylesheets) and Bower install (downloads client-side javascripts).

Start the server



This runs nanoc compilation and then starts the server.

Now visit and there you go.

Auto-compiling when you update files



Will auto-compile all content.

Heroku Deployment

You can manually deploy by

git push heroku master

Automatic deploy from Github is also set up so you probably need not do that.

Buildpacks used: heroku/ruby, heroku/nodejs Heroku stack: heroku-18 Node.js and ruby versions specified in package.json and Gemfile respectively

How the build/runtime system works

Koodikirja uses nanoc for building the site content and grunt for building javascript and static resources. In general, assets from /app, /content, /layouts will be transformed into assets in /output. Static assets in /static directory will be served as-is. The node.js based express web server is used for serving content. The server code can be found in server.js.

The nanoc build

  • Build markdown pages from /content into HTML pages in /output directory
  • Use HTML/ERB layouts in /layouts directory to include common templates, partials, scripts and styles

The grunt build

  • Build LESS stylesheets from /app/less into CSS in /output/less
  • Concat/optimize javascripts from /app/js into /output/koodikirja.js