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Kryptoradio receiver

The application kryptoradio-receiver tunes to given frequency and PID on DVB-T and offers an HTTP interface to that data.


The following instructions are for users of Debian and Ubuntu. If you use another platform, you are on your own. In that case please send me a pull request of installation instructions for that platform.

Install the environment and libraries first:

sudo apt-get install cabal-install libghc-aeson-dev libghc-attoparsec-dev libghc-blaze-builder-dev libghc-cmdargs-dev libghc-csv-dev libghc-http-types-dev libghc-stm-dev libghc-text-dev libghc-wai-dev libghc-warp-dev libghc-http-date-dev libghc-random-dev libghc-zlib-dev
cabal update

Then install Kryptoradio. This will fetch and compile remaining dependencies as well:

cd receiver
cabal install

If it compiles, you should have the binary in ~/.cabal/bin/kryptoradio-receiver.

Important note for Raspberry Pi users: If you are building for Debian Wheezy on armhf architechture (like Raspberry Pi) then you have problems with the old GHC version. To solve that issue, you need a custom version of aeson library which has all TH functionality removed. Run the following commands on an empty directory:

git clone -b wheezy_arm_ugly_fix https://github.com/koodilehto/aeson .
cabal install

Then go back to the original source directory and run cabal install again.


How to run the receiver at 634 MHz:

~/.cabal/bin/kryptoradio-receiver 634000000

You can add Cabal binary directory to your PATH to make running it easier. By default it listens to TCP port 3000. See more usage instructions with kryptoradio-receiver --help. To find your frequency, you can use this table: http://kryptoradio.koodilehto.fi/media/transmitters

The following entry points are available:

  • /api
  • /api/waitsync
  • /api/resources
  • /api/resource/NAME/raw
  • /api/resource/NAME/json
  • /api/resource/NAME/jsoncsv

To listen to currency exchange information, try this:

curl -N http://localhost:3000/api/resource/exchange/jsoncsv

Sync happens every 60 seconds so you may need wait at most one minute after starting the receiver before the resource is available. You can use /api/waitsync to wait for the first sync to happen.