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⭐️ A curated list of awesome Imba frameworks, libraries, software and resources
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awesome-imba Awesome

A curated list of awesome Imba frameworks, libraries, software and resources



Official Resources

Toolkits and Frameworks

  • Imbapack - The imbapack utility is a convenient wrapper around webpack. When you use imbapack you do not need to declare an imba-loader and resolveExtensions in your configs. It ships with imba package.
  • Imbac - The imbac utility is for compiling your scripts to js. When working on client-side projects you should rather use imbapack. It also ships with imba package.
  • Webpack loader - Imba's build-in loader. You can install imba locally and set at webpack config that you need that loader.
  • Imba Router - An Experimental Router for Imba.
  • UXA - Experimental framework for Imba.
  • Parcel Plugin Imba - Parcel Bundler plugin to enable processing of imba files.
  • Material Imba - Material Design components written in imba.

Editor Plugins and IDEs

External Resources



Showcase - Built with Imba

Real World Apps

  • Scrimba - The interactive screencasting platform is written in Imba, both frontend and backend.
  • Iceland Fish Auction Market - A website for the iceland fish market.
  • GitSpeak - A project management tool for developers.


Apps/Websites built with Imba


Your contributions and suggestions are welcome anytime. Are you building great stuffs with Imba, Feel free to share with us 😄

Here is an instruction. Please also read Code of conduct.



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