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Bacon Ipsum Workflow for Alfred

This is a very simple workflow for Alfred I whipped up for generating some Bacon Ipsum.

Thanks to David Ferguson for his Workflows class.


Download and open the BaconIpsumWorkflow file. Select 'import' when it launches in Alfred's preferences.

The keyword is bacon and it takes up to 3 parameters separated by spaces:

  • number of paragraphs/lists (required)
  • tag - p(default), ul, ol or text for plaintext. (optional)
  • content type - all-meat(default) or meat-and-filler(to mix in some lorem ipsum). *(optional)

Press the Return key to copy the contents to the clipboard.


  • bacon 5 - generates 5 paragraphs wrapped with p tags
  • bacon 5 text - generates 5 paragraphs in plaintext
  • bacon 5 ul - generates 5 list items
  • bacon 5 p meat-and-filler - generates alternate version of bacon ipsum mixed with lorem ipsum