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Asciidoc version 8.6.8 is a requirement together with whatever dependencies it needs and specifically docbook, w3m, fop and graphviz.

Apache Maven together with Make are used to unpack the pieces of the manual and to execute asciidoc on them. Note that running parallel jobs with Make (-j option) is not supported.

生成文档, 使用命令:
mvn clean install
This will produce a single html5 page (in target/html5). Note that this won’t suffice in order to build the download packages of Neo4j. However, the build requirements are limited to Python and Graphviz (and Maven, Java). This build checks for missing include files and AsciiDoc syntax errors.

要生成所有的目标, 使用:
mvn clean install -DfullBuild 或者
mvn clean install -DfullManualBuild

To build all dependencies of the manual, use the following at the top level of the repository:
mvn clean install -DdocsBuild
In order to build all the artifacts of the manual too, add -DfullManualBuild



brew install docbook asciidoc w3m fop graphviz libtool

注册 docbook xml DTD

sudo ./osx-register-docbook


sudo apt-get install asciidoc docbook fop graphviz w3m maven libxml2-utils xsltproc
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