A specialized data field for the Garmin Fenix 3 sports watch.
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This is free a Data Field for the Fenix 3 that shows multiple values on a single field. RunnersField is open source and its code resides at github: https://github.com/kopa/RunnersField

Release versions are published in the Garmin App Store






  • TIME: 12/24h mode based on system settings.
  • PACE: pace in km/min or mi/min based on system settings (as average of the last 10 values).
  • AVG PACE: average pace over the whole activity.
  • DISTANCE: elapsed distance in km or miles based on system settings.
  • DURATION: duration of the activity in [hh:]mm:ss
  • GPS: green/blue bars for poor/acceptable/good signal, gray if no signal.
  • battery: visualization of battery percentage as indicator bar. If battery value is lower than 30 the indicator bar gets orange. If value is lower than 10% the exact value will be shown and the indicator bar turns red.
  • unit system in use: "(km)" will be shown when metric system is set in the settings, "(mi)" if statute (imperial) units are configured.
  • use bright or dark color scheme based on the background color setting of the app (Settings/Apps/Run/Background Color). needs at least a firmware with SDK 1.2 compatibility (otherwise bright scheme is always used).


Install Instructions

A Data Field needs to be set up within the settings for a given activity (like Run)

  • Long Press UP
  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Run
  • Data Screens
  • Screen N
  • Layout
  • Select single field
  • Field 1
  • Select ConnectIQ Fields
  • Select RunnersField
  • Long Press Down to go back to watch face



Start Run activity. Hopefully you see the RunnersField datafield and can read the values.


Changelog 1.2.3

  • fix app name

Changelog 1.2.2

  • fix colorscheme background detection

Changelog 1.2.1

  • change battery critical color

Changelog 1.2.0

  • Use bright/dark color scheme based on app background color settings
  • Add german language file

Changelog 1.1.1

  • Further improved memory footprint

Changelog 1.1.0

  • Redesign
  • Improved memory footprint

Changelog 1.0.2

  • Fix when black background is configured in device settings.
  • Add battery percentage if it is lower than 10% left and make visualization red.
  • Fix irrelevant slow pace values
  • Change string TIMER to DURATION
  • Change string metric to km and statute to miles

Changelog 1.0.1

  • Time mode is now dependent on device settings (12/24 hours mode)
  • Distance and pace will be presented dependent on device settings (metric [km, km/min] or statute [miles, miles/min]), "metric" or "statute" will be shown below battery/gps
  • HR is now dark red to visually decipher the different values faster

Changelog 1.0.0

  • Time of day
  • Current Pace (average over 10 seconds)
  • Average Pace
  • Heart Rate
  • Distance
  • Timer
  • Battery Status
  • GPS Status (green = gps lock, red = no gps lock)