The Savehouse Mod for GTA V
Lua C#

The Savehouse Mod for GTA V

The first Real Estate mod where you can buy and sell houses, rent apartments and hotels in Los Santos.
Created by Kopalov and Henny Smafter.


You can talk with us or report quick bugs on our chatroom
Join the chat at
Please keep in mind that we work on this mod in our free time.
Same goes with support we try to be on the chat as much as possible!


Download our latest release here.


  • Real Estate Office Purchase and sell houses at the real estate office in Rockford Hills (Briefcase Symbol)
  • Houses With the total of 69 houses there will be endless ways to replay the game.
  • Hotels and Apartments There are 43 hotels and apartments available for rent with varying costs and durations.
  • Interiors Each house, apartment or hotel suite has a interior (currently there are 15 interiors in total)
  • Custom Interiors We are developing custom interiors some will be based on location with working windows and some can be used everywhere. Even in your Custom Savehouse!
    Please note that R did not make many interiors for GTA V. We are adding custom-built interiors in each version, but those take some time to build and can lower your FPS count when nearby.
  • Custom Savehouse Don't like any of the houses we provided then create a custom savehouse and assign the interior you want anywhere on the map.
  • Custom Savespot Created your own custom map and want to enjoy our mod with it then create your own custom savespot.
  • No Grouping Characters own their houses so they won't live together.
  • Multiple characters can live in the same hotel.
  • Realistic pricing depending on exteriors and locations.



Gameplay Video

GTA 5 Safehouse Mod Video Poster

Installation Instructions Video

GTA 5 Savehouse Mod Video Poster



We would like to give thanks to: Szabo who inspired us both in scripting for GTA 5. We also want to thank Alexander Blade, Headscript, Crosire and Rockstar Games who all deliver great products that combined unleashes the full potential of Grand Theft Auto V. Then finally we would like to give thanks to other modders who enable us to have different types of gameplay all the time. Smokey, Shep761, Sakis25, faztsquirrel, haws1290, Daxwolf.

Did we forgot someone or you? Then please let us know.