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Linux kernel for running kubernetes
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Kubernetes optimized kernel

This is a 4.4 kernel built for running kubernetes.

Currently it only builds a Debian kernel.

It has the following changes:

  • 4.4 kernel
  • cgroup memory controller is enabled


If you are going to be signing packages, make sure the gpg key is available using e.g.

gpg --import ~/secretkey.txt

Check out the code into ~: cd ~; git clone

You can install pre-requisites using: make prereqs (you may need to log on and off afterwards)

Note: if docker is not using overlay, it will likely fail during the kernel build.

Then build the kernel image: cd ~/kubernetes-kernel; make upload-kernel

Then update & validate the kernel.

When you are ready to make this the new kernel, upload the metapackages:

cd ~/kubernetes-kernel; make upload-metapackages
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