A script that searches tineye for higher-res copies of album art
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Album art replacer

Copyright Aengus Walton 2011. See LICENCE for licencing information.

This is a simple script which takes a directory (or file in a directory) as an argument and searches tineye.com for higher-resolution copies of an image in that directory.

It is most useful for automatically finding and saving higher-res copies of album art.

See this blog post for more information.

Installation and Configuration

  • Download a copy of the Master branch.
  • Install the requirements:
    • pip install PIL
    • pip install MultipartPostHandler
  • Unpack the files and edit the settings.py file. At the moment, this file contains just one variable to be edited: FILENAMES. This is a list of the files which the script will search for in the directory you pass it upon invokation. The script follows the order of the list. Once it finds a file, it presumes it is the file which needs replacing and disregards the rest.