Graphing air quality readings from several major Chinese centers
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I've stopped maintaining this tool/website, as Google changed their API for Fusion Tables and I simply don't have the spare time to spend updating this project so it keeps running.

You can get detailed air quality information at

You can also have a look at the raw data my tool gathered over the years at:

What follows is the old

Chinese Air

Graphing air quality readings from several major Chinese centers: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu & Shenyang.

This is the source code of the project which is viewable at

These files may be of interest:

  • chineseair/, which scrapes the data from web feeds
  • chineseair/, the interface for the Google Fusion Tables API
  • chineseair/, which processes full historical records (see here for an example) published on

Why is this repo so huge? Why so many commits?

I put this project together in an evening. In its first incarnation, the script would simply scrape twitter and save any new data to a json file in this repo, commit and push. This json file would then be loaded when the user visited the project webpage.

It was a very quick-and-dirty solution, and led to the tens of thousands of commits (and the huge repo size) today. I would like to clean up the git history, but I'm reluctant to, since people have already forked this repo.