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The Apple® Siri wave-form replicated in a JS library.
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The "Apple Siri" wave replicated in pure Javascript using the Canvas API.

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npm version

Classic style

iOS 9+ style


To use in the classic way, download the dist file under ./dist/siriwave.min.js, or use the CDN one and include in your web page as a script.

<script src=""></script>

Otherwise, the build is ready to import as ESM module via npm i siriwave.

import SiriWave from 'siriwave';


Create a div container and instantiate a SiriWave object

<div id="siri-container"></div>
var siriWave = new SiriWave({
	container: document.getElementById('siri-container'),
	width: 640,
	height: 200,

Constructor options

Key Type Description Default Required
container DOMElement The DOM container where the DOM canvas element will be added. null yes
style "ios", "ios9" The style of the wave. "ios" no
ratio Number Ratio of the display to use. Calculated by default. calculated no
speed Number The speed of the animation. 0.2 no
amplitude Number The amplitude of the complete wave-form. 1 no
frequency Number The frequency of the complete wave-form. Only available in style "ios" 6 no
color String Color of the wave. Only available in style "ios" "#fff" no
cover Bool The canvas covers the entire width or height of the container false no
autostart Bool Decide wether start the animation on boot. false no
pixelDepth Number Number of step (in pixels) used when drawed on canvas. 0.02 no
lerpSpeed Number Lerp speed to interpolate properties. 0.01 no



Start the animation


Stop the animation.


Set the new value of speed (animated)


Set the new value of amplitude (animated)

Grapher plots

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