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A unite.vim source of spell checking suggestions.

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Unite spelling suggestion source

A unite.vim source that displays Vim’s spelling suggestions for a word, updating live as the word under the cursor changes, and offering convenient replacement functionality to allow it to stand in stead of Vim’s z=.

If you have wished there was a slicker, less obtrusive interface than Vim’s modal full-screen one to spelling suggestions and corrections, unite-spell-suggest is for you.


  1. The old way: download and source the vimball from the releases page, then run :helptags {dir} on your runtimepath/doc directory. Or,
  2. The plug-in manager way: using a git-based plug-in manager (Pathogen, Vundle, NeoBundle etc.), simply add kopischke/unite-spell-suggest to the list of plug-ins, source that and issue your manager's install command.


TL;DR: :Unite spell_suggest. For more, see the documentation.


unite-spell-suggest is licensed under the terms of the MIT license according to the accompanying license file.

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