Removed scope_source_options method and added TODO #2

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removed scope_source_options - not needed for azure api and just gets in the way.
Added TODO to define future development for the option of web results only or the full bing search api.

KellyMahan added some commits Aug 20, 2012
@KellyMahan KellyMahan added rvmrc file to gitignore f6dd51e
@KellyMahan KellyMahan big commit heres the details:
base_uri is different
added reserved options for skip and top
made error handling info more useful
instead of converting query to a string to send to httparty, I'm now sending a has to let it deal with it.
password is no longer hard coded and will accept direct input when calling new, or read it from your .rbing_app_id file in the $HOME directory
@KellyMahan KellyMahan full 2.0.0 version bunmp 5dfd79a
@KellyMahan KellyMahan version needs to be 2.0.1 to be greater than 2.0.0.pre f9132fa
@KellyMahan KellyMahan Merge branch 'azure' of into azure
@KellyMahan KellyMahan removed scope_source_options - not needed for azure api and just gets…
… in the way
@KellyMahan KellyMahan added TODO item 5faf156
@KellyMahan KellyMahan matching source up with koppen/rbing/azure be1d4a3
koppen commented Aug 21, 2012

Thanks! It looks like commit b48187c is the only commit that needs to be in this pull request, though. Please create a new pull request containing only the necessary commit.

In the future, I'd appreciate if you could create feature branches based on the working branch (currently azure) and submit pull requests from those feature branches. It makes merging your contributions way easier.


Not sure why but git thinks it needs all those commits for a successful merge. It may have to do with the original merge. And your right that a different branch would probably solve that issue in the future.


Can you manually add b48187c in your own commit. I'll blow away my project and refork to get things back in sync. From then on i'll make commits in other branches.

koppen commented Aug 21, 2012


@koppen koppen closed this Aug 21, 2012
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