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require 'formula'
class ErlangR13Manuals < Formula
url ''
md5 '681aaef70affc64743f4e8c0675034af'
class ErlangR13 < Formula
# Download from GitHub. Much faster than official tarball.
url "", :tag => "OTP_R13B04"
version 'R13B04'
homepage ''
# We can't strip the beam executables or any plugins, there isn't really
# anything else worth stripping and it takes a really, long time to run
# `file` over everything in lib because there is almost 4000 files (and
# really erlang guys! what's with that?! Most of them should be in share/erlang!)
# may as well skip bin too, everything is just shell scripts
skip_clean ['lib', 'bin']
def options
['--disable-hipe', "Disable building hipe; fails on various OS X systems."],
['--time', '"brew test --time" to include a time-consuming test.']
def install
fails_with_llvm "See", :build => 2326
system "./otp_build autoconf" if File.exist? "otp_build"
args = ["--disable-debug",
unless ARGV.include? '--disable-hipe'
# HIPE doesn't strike me as that reliable on OS X
args << '--enable-hipe'
args << "--enable-darwin-64bit" if snow_leopard_64?
system "./configure", *args
system "touch lib/wx/SKIP" if MACOS_VERSION >= 10.6
system "make"
system "make install"
manuals = ErlangR13Manuals { man.install Dir['man/*'] }
def test
`erl -noshell -eval 'crypto:start().' -s init stop`
# This test takes some time to run, but per bug #120 should finish in
# "less than 20 minutes". It takes a few minutes on a Mac Pro (2009).
if ARGV.include? "--time"
`dialyzer --build_plt -r #{lib}/erlang/lib/kernel-2.14.1/ebin/`