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require 'formula'
# Private older version of autoconf required to compile Spidermonkey
class Autoconf213 < Formula
url ''
mirror ''
md5 '9de56d4a161a723228220b0f425dc711'
homepage ''
class Spidermonkey180 < Formula
homepage ''
# Pick a version that's known to work with CouchDB), revision r35345.
url ''
md5 '0f2490f78d880ec184d9233df97ab83d'
version '1.8.0'
depends_on 'readline'
depends_on 'nspr'
def install
# aparently this flag causes the build to fail for ivanvc on 10.5 with a
# penryn (core 2 duo) CPU. So lets be cautious here and remove it.
ENV['CFLAGS'] = ENV['CFLAGS'].gsub(/-msse[^\s]+/, '') if MacOS.leopard?
# For some reason SpiderMonkey requires Autoconf-2.13
ac213_prefix = Pathname.pwd.join('ac213') do |f|
# Force use of plain "awk"
inreplace 'configure', 'for ac_prog in mawk gawk nawk awk', 'for ac_prog in awk'
system "./configure", "--disable-debug",
system "make install"
Dir.chdir "js/src" do
# Fixes a bug with linking against CoreFoundation. Tests all pass after
# building like this. See:
inreplace "", "LDFLAGS=\"$LDFLAGS -framework Cocoa\"", ""
system "#{ac213_prefix}/bin/autoconf213"
# Remove the broken *(for anyone but FF) install_name
inreplace "config/",
"-install_name @executable_path/$(SHARED_LIBRARY) ",
"-install_name #{lib}/$(SHARED_LIBRARY) "
mkdir "brew-build"
Dir.chdir "brew-build" do
system "../js/src/configure", "--prefix=#{prefix}",
inreplace "js-config", /JS_CONFIG_LIBS=.*?$/, "JS_CONFIG_LIBS=''"
# These need to be in separate steps.
system "make"
system "make install"
# Also install js REPL.
bin.install "shell/js"
def caveats; <<-EOS.undent
This formula installs Spidermonkey 1.8.x.
If you are trying to compile MongoDB from scratch, you will need 1.7.x instead.