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Maven complains when running a parallel build (using mvn -T):

[WARNING] *****************************************************************
[WARNING] * Your build is requesting parallel execution, but project      *
[WARNING] * contains the following plugin(s) that are not marked as       *
[WARNING] * @threadSafe to support parallel building.                     *
[WARNING] * While this /may/ work fine, please look for plugin updates    *
[WARNING] * and/or request plugins be made thread-safe.                   *
[WARNING] * If reporting an issue, report it against the plugin in        *
[WARNING] * question, not against maven-core                              *
[WARNING] *****************************************************************
[WARNING] The following plugins are not marked @threadSafe in airlift:
[WARNING] com.github.koraktor:mavanagaiata:0.5.0
[WARNING] *****************************************************************

Well, I think most of the mojos could be marked as thread safe.
I never tested this, though.

What's your experience with parallel builds and Mavanagaiata?

@koraktor koraktor added this to the 0.8.0 milestone Aug 4, 2015
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