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Koralfx modules for VCV Rack

Koralfx is a collection of modules by Tomek Sosnowski for VCV Rack.

KoralFX Logo Copyright (c) 2018 Tomasz Sosnowski. All rights reserved.


Found on the Release Page

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Dark style


Based on the external BPM clock, the module generates 2x and 4x multiply and 2x and 4x divide clock signals. In addition, you can set the pulse width (proportionally for all outputs). The last important thing - CV output compatible 100% with Fundamental Delay CV Time input. This is a CV to time conversion, of course based on BPM.


A constant-power panning 16-channel mixer width two AUX sends and returns, external mix input, CV Vol (unipolar mode) and CV Pan (bipolar mode) inputs. Also with mute and solo buttons.

Nullovnik4 and Nullovnik6

A panel to cover what you do not want to see. For now, 4 and 6 width.


A pitch quantizer with note info and bipolar-unipolar converter. Also with octave and course shift.


Stores 10 sets of 8 knobs, including unipolar bipolar conversion. Allows you to control external CV signals.


A convenient, musical, simple and such a human sequencer with note length, staccato/legato/accent option.


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